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  • Imperial Task Force Communication Channels

    In Game Communication

    Most of the Communication is done in game (Star Wars gallaxies / Wanderhome Server) using either the in game email system or the WIP (Wanderhome Imperial Pilots) public chat channel.

    How to join WIP chat channel?

    To join the WIP chant channel, simply add an additional tab to your User Interface chat window with the right click option. Then click on the new chat tab and use the modify option. Now you need to join the chant channel. The WIP channel can be found under Waanderhomes public chant channels.


    During space battles verbal communication is much faster and we reccommended the use of Teamspeak. Event if you do not use a microphone you should listen in to the channel to receive orders of your Commanding Officer.

    Name of Event:
    Deep Space Fighter Practice
    In-game Contact:
    Imperials: Raiphe
    Rebels: Elvar
    Location: :
    Deep Space
    Date: Time:
    Friday, 9:00 EDT

    JOIN US!

    The Imperial Task Force Storm is based on the MMO Star Wars Galaxies released by Sony Online Entertainment and LucasArts.The home Server of our members is Wanderhome.
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