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    Task Force Command

    All decisions implemented, mandated and rendered by the Task Force Command on any matter in the ITF Storm is ultimate. The Task Force Command, when making judgments and decisions will take into account all the facts presented by the parties involved. This includes recommendations from the Command Staff, Naval Command, and Starfighter Command. The Task Force Command is the only authority that approves and appoints Officers to the Command Staff.

    Task Force Commander:
    Commodore (Brevet) Raiphe Konnars

    Commodore Raiphe Konnars is the Commander of the Imperial Task Force Storm. His home is on Talus, but he also spend a lot of his time in the Task Force Headquater on Corellia.

    Executive Officer:
    Captain Erich Ritter

    Captain Erich Ritter is the Executive Officer of the Imperial Task Force Storm. His home is on Naboo and he repesents the Imperial Task Force Strom when the Commodore is not available. For many years Captain Ritter is also a well known and respected pilot.

    Name of Event:
    Deep Space Fighter Practice
    In-game Contact:
    Imperials: Raiphe
    Rebels: Elvar
    Location: :
    Deep Space
    Date: Time:
    Friday, 9:00 EDT

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    The Imperial Task Force Storm is based on the MMO Star Wars Galaxies released by Sony Online Entertainment and LucasArts.The home Server of our members is Wanderhome.
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