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  • Imperial Task Force Storm Order of Battle

    Task Force Command

  • Task Force Commander: Commodore
  • Executive Officer: Captain
  • Command Staff

  • Operations Officer: Commander
  • Tactical Officer: Commander
  • Recrutiment and Retention Officer: Commander
  • Quartermaster: Commander

  • Naval Command

  • Line Commander: Captain
  • Line XO: Commander

  • Line Ship Command
  • Captain: Lt. Commander
  • First Officer: Lieutenant
  • Helmsman: Lieutenant JG
  • Crewman: Ensign
  • Starfighter Command

  • Wing Commander: Major
  • Starfighter Operations: Captain

  • Squadron Command
  • Squadron Commander: Captain
  • Squadron XO: 1st Lieutenant
  • Flight Leader: 2nd Lieutenant
  • Flight Officer: Ensign

  • Name of Event:
    Deep Space Fighter Practice
    In-game Contact:
    Imperials: Raiphe
    Rebels: Elvar
    Location: :
    Deep Space
    Date: Time:
    Friday, 9:00 EDT

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    The Imperial Task Force Storm is based on the MMO Star Wars Galaxies released by Sony Online Entertainment and LucasArts.The home Server of our members is Wanderhome.
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