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    Task Force Command Staff

    The Command Staff is assiting the Task Force Command in the daily operations of the Task Force. Each Staff Officer oversees a subsection and is given the needed authority by the Task Force Command to run this section of the Task Force Operation.

    Staff Operations Officer:
    Commander Windew Monobi

    The Operations Officer is in charge of the daily operations as well as the public presentation of the ITF Storm.

    Staff Tactical Officer:
    Commander Jaden Katrell

    The Tactical Officer functions as stractigical advisor to the Task Force Command.

    Staff recruiting and Retention Officer:
    Commander Torlina Ran'hory

    The recruiting and retention officers has the important role of finding new pilots and crewmen for the task force. She also works closely with the Naval and Starfighter Command.

    Staff Quartermaster:
    Commander Kilogram Lightdark

    The Quartermaster is in charge of the Task Force supplies.

    Name of Event:
    Deep Space Fighter Practice
    In-game Contact:
    Imperials: Raiphe
    Rebels: Elvar
    Location: :
    Deep Space
    Date: Time:
    Friday, 9:00 EDT

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    The Imperial Task Force Storm is based on the MMO Star Wars Galaxies released by Sony Online Entertainment and LucasArts.The home Server of our members is Wanderhome.
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